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Frequently Asked Questions

MoverXchange? What's that?

Moving is considered by many to be one of the top 5 most stressful things you can do in your life. MoverXchange was designed to make the entire moving process easier for everyone, customers and movers.

The old way of finding a reputable mover was to contact multiple companies directly, wasting valuable time and offering up the same information over and over again. With MoverXchange you can find multiple reputable moving companies with a few simple steps.

Sounds good. So how does it work?

Put your information into the quote generator, sit back, and let top rated moving companies compete with each other to get your business. This is the best way to get a great price on your move and the movers love it because they get customers brought directly to them.

The bids will be available to you shortly. When reviewing the bids, you will see all the different quotes and check out each company’s profile. When you see a bid you like and have chosen your mover, put down a 10% deposit to reserve the spot, and that’s it!¬† Your move is guaranteed at that price and your reservation is locked in.

So what do I pay before the Move?

Only 10% of the move price. This guarantees your move is reserved.

Is there a cancelation fee?

If you cancel your move with less then 48 hours notice we will keep your deposit.

What Happens After I Book My Move?

The moving company that you selected will contact you shortly, and will be able to answer any further questions you have.

How does pricing work?

The mover’s bids will all be flat rates based on the inventory you provided, so you know exactly what you’ll pay at the end of the job. This is why it is important to let us know what you have, where you are going, if your buildings are stairs or elevators, and what day or days you want to move.

What if my Inventory changes?

If you realize that you have 40 boxes instead of 20, contact your mover directly. The price for the move will have to be adjusted, but that is something you can handle directly with the mover. Please not that the price of the move will be adjusted at the discretion of the moving company, so it is best to be as accurate as possible when putting in your initial inventory.

My building says I need a Certificate of Insurance (COI), how does that work?

Once you have booked you’re move, reach out to your mover and let them know. They will have you send them the sample certificate from your building super and/or management. (Please note that some movers charge for COI’s.)

How do I pay my movers?

Final payment for your move is between you and your movers. MoverXchange is here to help you find good quality movers, once you found them, together you can determine the final method of payment.

How did the MoverXchange start?

The MoverXchange has been an informal system for good movers to discuss and share jobs between eachother for years. We have finally decided to bring this service online and give customers better access to a referal system that is based on outstanding customer service and repeat customers coming back year after year.

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